Sunday, October 30, 2016

my weekend in photos.

In lieu of a holiday party, our company had a fall fest this year. And that fell on Friday night. We Oktoberfested the night away into some wee hours, further continuing my streak of post-midnight bedtimes and pre-7 AM wake-ups.

Saturday was a recovery day.. mostly spent following children from room to room as they pulled out alllllthetoys. Owen finished his last game of the soccer season that afternoon. I stayed home with napping toddlers.

I had to pull it together for family photos Saturday evening. It was unseasonable warm for late October, so I had to pull a last minute wardrobe change out of a bulky sweater. But it was beautiful, and so is my family.

We rewarded their good behavior (/fulfilled my day-long craving) with Mexican for a later dinner.

Bedtime and the rest of the night were rudely interrupted by my youngest toddler, and morning came too soon. We got ourselves out the door for early service, anyway. Then after church I did a Christmas shopping trip & brunch with my mother-in-law - a new annual tradition!

And then we squeezed in some pumpkin carving (and painting for the toddlers) before heading off to meet with our small group after a couple of weeks off.

Halloween eve, and we're sporting summer wardrobes. (I have to mention that HE picked out this ensemble.. aqua on seaweed on brown bear socks on blue sneakers.) Peeing standing up (and now outside?) has become part of our continuous potty-training efforts. I take what I can get. 

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