Wednesday, November 9, 2016

life::an outtake.

I support my friends who are sad today.
I support my friends who celebrate today.

I support the PEOPLE I share this country with. The people whose convictions are so deep that they can't help but FEEL today. Because in a presidential election campaign that most days felt like a practical joke, we've been gifted a great freedom to have a voice and a vote. To view the world through lenses colored by our own life experiences, and act upon it. While both candidates left much to be desired in a leader on many accounts, I believe in the good in PEOPLE. That votes were not placed as a means to justify a candidate's poor choices or poor character, but instead were for a party or platform that most aligned with what their personal beliefs through THEIR lenses deemed best policy for our country. For our people.

Take care of each other today. Show kindness. Extend grace. Have respect. And above all, BE LOVE. Because that's my deepest conviction today and yesterday and tomorrow.. to be a light and example of LOVE to our children - the future of America.

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