Monday, November 7, 2016

my weekend in photos.

So I realized I was a little food-obsessed with my weekend photos once I browsed through to upload my weekend. You've been warned. 

Since this fall has been so summery, I volunteered Colby to make my fav meal on the grill.

And then invited our neighbors over to enjoy it with us. Seriously loving this neighbor thing. 

A girl brunch at Urban Table could never disappoint.

While Colby went to the Chiefs game for the entirety of Sunday, I had adventures with these guys. Baking which quickly became a circus was among said adventures. 

Chocolate chip rolls, get in our belllllllliiieesss!


Target (+Starbucks) was our outting for the day. 

Fall walks turned into a mommy-mobile when all 3 wanted to ride in the wagon. Weekend workout. 

Can't help but love this warm weather with the fall views! 

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