Sunday, December 4, 2016

life::an outtake.

Welp. It happened. This day is inevitable for any parent, but it always comes. In the nearly-10 combined years I've lived under the same roof with boys, I have had yet an occasion that took us to the ER. And then came Sadie...

She took a running fall into our window sill ledge, and let out a pretty big cry. She settled down after a few, and showed no other signs of turmoil. But as the "goose-egg" grew and grew and grew throughout the day, I couldn't help but worry. A phone call to two separate nurses lines both confirmed that the amount of swelling on her forehead warranted a trip in to the ER since our doctor's office was closed. (These things always happen on Sundays or after hours, don't they?)

We were super relieved to hear that the doctor thought the location of the impact was likely a popped blood vessel, and felt no other signs of a fracture or her described reaction and symptoms didn't cause concern for concussion or anything more serious.

She's one tough cookie, that's for sure. While it looks all sorts of painful, she has acted totally unphased, keeping right up with her big brothers. (Which currently translates to: knocking over their block towers and bolting, as any good little sister would do...)

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