Monday, December 19, 2016

my weekend in photos.

This weekend was a lot better than my last.

We got hit with some cold, cold, cold, and then some snow on top of it. We kicked it off with my favorite breakfast - a sweet surprise from Colby - to start it off right.

Saturday morning, we split a bell-ringing shift with our small group. And as luck would have it, because of the single digit temps and ice, school activities were cancelled, which included swim practice for Colby. Which meant he tagged along, while I stayed indoors with my friend and our toddlers. ;-)

We rewarded them with a trip to Chick-fil-A for some nuggets and playtime.

I attended a funeral for a good friend's FIL out of town, then hunkered down for a cold winter's night at home with the family.

Sunday started bitter cold, so we decided to limit our outings to a single time out for night church. 

We built forts, had hot chocolate, had art time, and watched a Christmas movie all before we decided it was as warm as it was gonna get at 12 degrees and we couldn't deprive the children from playing in the first snow of the season.

Of course I had to budge up to get out for a few pictures since last winter jipped us of the opportunity to play in snow. 

The aftermath:

We had a fun game night with our small group at church to conclude our 2016 together.

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