Monday, December 12, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Well, this one will not go down as my favorite weekend in history. But I made it to the other end with a few highlights in between.

We continue our battle with Sadie vs Nighttime/Bedtime/Sleep, and adding that to a lack in stamina from coming off of a week with a cold, I just didn't have the juice to conquer.

Colby leaves for swim practice, and I usually make a mess of our kitchen. The end result is usually worth it, though. Baked oatmeal for a friend, followed by chocolate chip cookies for teachers!

We busted out a gift from Christmas 2015 for the first time and had a little oragami fun. (Which actually looked more like 10 minutes of fun for Owen, an hour of fun for me.)

I arrived 30 minutes early to a LuLaRoe party. So I made use of my time. 

The weather matched my mood. (Or vice versa.) But a trip out of the house and out of our norm with a new dishwasher as it's biproduct come Christmas ain't all bad!

Owen rocked his basketball game while Sadie slept on all of his fans, and he even had a career high score. ;-)
At the end of the weekend and a better night of sleep last night, I can look back and recognize that a little sleep would have gone a long way for my point of view, physical health, and morale, but we all have our moments, right?

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