Monday, August 29, 2016

my weekend in photos.

We had a soggy and muggy weekend here in KC.

We continued our quest to getting Brooks fully potty trained, and he continues to do a fabulous job at home, but the fear of all other potties besides his own still exists.

We had an eventless weekend - a cancelled soccer game, and most of our weekend spent close to home. 

 Got in an extra mile this weekend, 6 of them with my fav running partner. It felt less than great during the run, but was proud to finish.

Got creative in the kitchen and made some sweet potato chips  - the kids are anti-sweet potatoes.. even in the chip form, but Colby and I didn't have any problem gobbling them up on our own.

My little entrepreneur out selling some rocks in the neighborhood. 

Sweetest boy.

Bedtime chillaxin'.

She's my favorite girl.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

life::an outtake.

He was sent to his room, and golf taken away for the remainder of his day. I don't even remember the reason, but likely because he lost his cool. It was devastation at it's worst, given that golf is what he spends every ounce of his free time doing. He spent quite awhile in his room (beyond what was required) before he came downstairs carrying this stool with his Deanna Rose Farmstead rock "mining" collection displayed on top. Each rock was accompanied by a piece of paper with a price ranging from "free" to "2.00," and he walked out to the end of our driveway and sat, waiting for a neighbor to walk by. Since it was crazy hot, muggy, and the middle of the day, we didn't see a soul. Feeling tenderhearted, I sent Sadie (& Daddy) out with a dollar to purchase a rock. Both parties were equally pleased with the exchange (seriously, Sadie couldn't have been happier with her new rock), and I was feeling really proud of my little entrepreneur's creativity and assertiveness.. and ability to rebound from an unfavorable situation, which is sometimes (often) difficult to do. I made sure he knew.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

my weekend in photos.

THIS WEEKEND WEATHER, ohemgee. We had a little tease of fall-like temps, and it was incredible. 

Friday night we went to the pool with our neighbor friends for dinner, while the kids braved the chilly water.

I had gone into the weekend deciding to make no other plans aside from sticking at home with my 3 year old for a round of potty training bootcamp. So on Saturday, I did just that. But not until after I got in a **7** mile run with my running bestie. AND some hot drinks for the hubby and me since the cool morning warranted such.

It was a rough start to the morning with an underwear protest, but it was soon forgotten with an offer to go outside to play golf.  And scoot. And play in the dirt.

This little lady made a perfect sidekick for the weekend, finding herself seated right next to me on many occasions. Just the sweetest.

Meanwhile, Owen and Colby were off playing their own round of golf. Owen has his cousin's set of clubs on loan, and he was o.ver.the.moon. to get to play the course with Dad.

It was a long day. Really exhausting. But just before dinner, Brooks initiated a potty break and had success. I literally welled up with tears, danced a swaggy dance, and celebrated with one super proud 3-year-old. Ice cream party celebration with his siblin's!

We skipped Sunday morning church to continue on our journey, and had a repeat of some front yard underwear-only entertainment. He had no shame in riding scooters, playing golf, and waving to alllllll the neighbors who walked or drove by in his underwear.

These two had their own round of golf going again. They drew up a 9 hole course on our street and have played and played and played.

While the babies napped and the older boys went on our Sunday Costco run, I cleaned our desk. The desk that I love so much, but haven't seen it's surface in months. Ain't she purty?

My first outing for the weekend was to night church where we sent him in underwear. No accidents, but a traumatizing trip to a different potty.

We spent a lot of time outdoors soaking up the amazing weather. The cool breeze and sunshine was good for my I-hate-potty-training-with-a-passion mood.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

life::an outtake.

Today was another first day of "school" at our house. This sweet boy could hardly contain his excitement the 24 hours leading up to this day.. his "pack pack," lunchbox, and combing his hair - he was giddy about it all.

It's been over a year since I made the drive to Bethany Lutheran, but on this morning's drive to school it hit me how routine the drive felt. Almost like it was yesterday, I could remember calling up my mama on those drives.

So I just blurted it out. Because I want my children to know. "I miss Grandma a lot today."

It was silent in the back seat for a few seconds, then Brooks - with so much excitement - says, "I know! After my go school today, THEN you go see Gamma. Would that make you happy, mommy?"

"Mama? That make you happy?"

It took me a moment to catch my breath. "Yes, Brooksy. That would make Mommy SO happy."

Monday, August 15, 2016

life::an outtake.

"Gamma, watch this! Gamma, watch me!" - Brooks, to my Aunt Teresa.

My Aunt Teresa, cousin Sarah, and her two kids arrived on Friday evening for a weekend visit. Brooks will probably only "remember" Grandma through pictures. He identifies her as "Gamma" in photos we share.

His other grandma is "Nana," and he otherwise does not associate any other older women as a grandma. So it was really endearing to listen to him call my Aunt Teresa - my mom's older sister - "Gamma" over and over again during their visit. They certainly resemble one another, and Brooks took no cues from anyone.

Aunt Teresa told him, "Brooks, I would be HONORED to be your Grandma." Ah, my heart.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Owen's first day of school was on a Friday AND it was a half day. Not sure there was much use in that, but regardless, I'm pretty fond of my new 1st grader. :)

My Aunt Teresa, cousin Sarah, and her two kids arrived on Friday evening for a weekend visit. We sat and waited for our visitors.

We packed our Saturday full. The morning steamed up quickly, but it was fun to share one of KC parent's gems Deanna Rose (or "Indiana Rose," as Owen use to call it) with them. Their previous visit was filled with rain, so we opted for indoor activities.

I couldn't resist taking them to one of my favorite lunch spots at Unforked, but my less-than-cooperative toddlers made the visit chaos.

While Sadie napped, we turned right back around for some time at the pool. It was fun to watch Lucy & Owen play together. These were our first babies, born only a month apart. 

Next up, Spin Pizza. Because it's our family's staple. And who doesn't love pizza and gelato? (And sangria, wine, and craft beer?) Thankfully, all of the small children I didn't want to claim at lunch were claimable at dinner. 

After the gelato, we ended our evening with a trip to a new park - our area's first splash pad! (KC was long overdue.) The kids had a ball, and ran off some gelato sugar highs. 

We said our goodbyes on Saturday night. A short, but full, visit. So happy to have them here.

It was also nice to have our Sunday to prep for the first upcoming full week of school for ALL. :) We broke it up with church and Costco, then Colby and Owen headed off for an afternoon of golf.

The weekend comes to a close, BUT.. my Monday's [home from work] are baaaaack!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

brooks, lately. [3 year old edition]

We've got a full-blown 3 year old. Here's a glimpse into what life with Brooks is like.

He's most frequently referred to as "Brooksy," even by himself. He's also picked up the nickname "Boo Boo" at our house, mostly by his daddy. Also, the summer home with dad resulted with his head being buzzed. I'm just getting use to his new "look," feeling like it aged him 2 years.

He shares a bedroom with his big brother, and the two of them make a whole lot of noise up there playing games that often end with someone crying before they settle down for bed.

He has long been my devoted napper - and for 3 hours plus. But this summer has begun the decline of reliability. However, his willingness to go to bed in the evening is a little [lot] less reliable as we often still hear him stirring an hour and a half past bedtime while his big brother is fast asleep. Here's hoping the loss of naptime will deter our night owl.

He's a small little peanut - height, weight, the whole shebang. We'll credit part of it to the fact that he continues to eat very little (except pancakes and cookies), but he's also a different build than his big brother.

He's a mama's boy to the core. While it definitely has its challenges, there's so much that I love about being his leading lady.

He's quick and he's athletic, but also easily distracted. We're holding off on an "organized" sport for a little while until we think he'd enjoy having to focus on one activity for anything longer than 15 minutes without it being HIS idea.

He's hilarious. Definitely the funniest member of our family. He keeps us on our toes, and makes all of us laugh with each whacky thought that comes out of his mouth.

When he's at his best, he's also the most enjoyable member of the family to be around. Brooks on a good day is upbeat, interesting, compassionate, engaging, and just really fun to be around.

This boy and his blanket. The muslin ones only. They've been around since he was just shy of 18 months, and have been a form of security or a signal of sleepiness ever since. I will never forget him in this way - a corner of his blanket up to his nose, sitting still and quiet while he sucks on his bottom lip, and his gorgeous big brown eyes and enviable lashes gazing off somewhere in a stare.

His current toy loves are his scooter, toy cars, and a firetruck he picked out and bought from Target with money from his piggy bank. There's not a room in the house that doesn't have a car lineup on any given day.

He loves to help me bake. Because he loves to taste test. He's got a sweet tooth like his mama, and is always eager to hop up on the counter to help me measure and taste ingredients and dough.
He adores his big brother, and also likes to push his buttons. On the flip side, he loses his cool on a frequent basis when his little sister pushes his. He'll be well-rounded as the middle child. 

There's a whole lot to love about this kid, and couldn't be more grateful that he's ours! Let's do 3!

Monday, August 8, 2016

my weekend in photos.

Somehow August snuck up on me. And the last official weekend of summer is in the books.

Friday completed this summer's session of Daddy Daycare. Everyone survived! Including Daddy.

After a donut run (which Brooks always enthusiastically volunteers to tag along for), we loaded up for a Saturday morning at the farmer's market. The weather was too nice not to.


I took the toddlers to visit our favorite nanny and her brand new baby girl. Brooks held the baby 3 times. ;-)

 I took the kids to the park, and by chance snapped the photo on the right - later to discover we had been in that very same spot a year ago that day. From infant to toddler in a year.. it changes so quickly.

We had a bit of an eventful Saturday night with a skunk/Kirkwood encounter. 

 After church & naps on Sunday, we went out for an early family dinner to celebrate the final day of summer vacation for dad. The kids were not on their best behavior, and we left feeling a little more thankful a new school routine was about to hit them. ;-)

Because the nice weather continued, we swung by home to pick up the dogs and head to the dog park to let the dogs (and crazy kids) exert some energy.  Sadie is dog-obsessed, so she was in heaven with all of the "gogs" to see.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

life::an outtake.

The dogs ran into our neighbor's backyard last night after dark, and I had smelled a faint whiff of what I presumed to be marijuana from an unknown nearby neighbor. As it turns out, said "neighbor" is actually Kirkwood's new backyard "friend," Mr. Skunk. Unfortunately, the feelings weren't mutual. At all. 

Instead, at 10:30 PM, I was googling "How to deskunk your dog." There was no mistaking what had occurred when he walked into our house last night. Fabreeze and homemade remedies and baths and cologne and opened windows (the front of the house - not the back.) and all the smells were happening in our bedroom last night. 

A wild and crazy Saturday night...