Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016!

We couldn't have had a better Halloween eve over here. Between the good weather and the good children, Colby and I were on Cloud 9. Seriously. Best. Halloween. Ever.

The evening was warm for October - low 60's - making for a pleasant temperature to take our time. Both boys could hardly wait to begin our adventure out. They'd been begging to wear their costumes for days, and the night had finally come. We took the wagon, but everyone - including Sadie - insisted on walking. And they did. The entire way around our block. Brooks enthusiastically gave each house a hardy "Trick or Treat," "Happy Halloween," and "Thank You." Sadie happily took candy one piece at a time for as long as they held the bowl at her level. Owen was superstar big brother with holding Sadie's hands up and down steps and encouraging Brooks to "take only 2 pieces." I pulled the empty wagon and Colby walked Macy from house to house and watched proudly from the curb.

For as long as my children will allow, we'll coordinate their costumes. After a lot of back and forth between options, we finally settled on Brooksy's choice, as I felt his disappointment in a costume would play out least favorably between the three. ;-) I ordered the boys' costumes from PBK, and did some crafting to make Sadie's pant/shirt, and ordered the ears and tail from Amazon.

So, firefighter he was!

And his brother, too.

So naturally, little sis was our puppy dalmatian. 

Standing still for a picture wasn't what she had in mind.

 But we snapped a few anyway.

 And ended with my favorite of the shots, thanks to a LOT of shutter clicks.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

my weekend in photos.

In lieu of a holiday party, our company had a fall fest this year. And that fell on Friday night. We Oktoberfested the night away into some wee hours, further continuing my streak of post-midnight bedtimes and pre-7 AM wake-ups.

Saturday was a recovery day.. mostly spent following children from room to room as they pulled out alllllthetoys. Owen finished his last game of the soccer season that afternoon. I stayed home with napping toddlers.

I had to pull it together for family photos Saturday evening. It was unseasonable warm for late October, so I had to pull a last minute wardrobe change out of a bulky sweater. But it was beautiful, and so is my family.

We rewarded their good behavior (/fulfilled my day-long craving) with Mexican for a later dinner.

Bedtime and the rest of the night were rudely interrupted by my youngest toddler, and morning came too soon. We got ourselves out the door for early service, anyway. Then after church I did a Christmas shopping trip & brunch with my mother-in-law - a new annual tradition!

And then we squeezed in some pumpkin carving (and painting for the toddlers) before heading off to meet with our small group after a couple of weeks off.

Halloween eve, and we're sporting summer wardrobes. (I have to mention that HE picked out this ensemble.. aqua on seaweed on brown bear socks on blue sneakers.) Peeing standing up (and now outside?) has become part of our continuous potty-training efforts. I take what I can get. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

my weekend in photos.

After work on Friday night I met Colby and the kiddos out for some Mexican. It took us far too long to finally decide that when we dine Mexican, we might as well split a meal. Between the chips, queso, and monster-sized margaritas, we never finish our whole meals. Dining out with our family just got cheaper.

We had soccer on Saturday morning, followed by a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese that afternoon. Owen has since been planning his birthday party next summer at the same spot.

We had the best Saturday evening with our neighbors for some good grillin' and good wine until the kids were playing in the dark by flashlight and called it a night.

I'm really pleased with my dog photos of the weekend. Love these doggie personalities.

We did "family church" on Sunday for the first time in awhile and caught up with the house and grocery shopping and laundry to make the upcoming week a whole lot less stressful.

But first, donuts.

The weather was beautiful. The boys snuck off for some afternoon golf with cousin Ella, and then we all rejoined for dinner and a trip to the park.

I capped my weekend with some chocolate pasta - the last batch in stock from our summer stash. Love me some October weekends!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

my weekend in photos.

I had the day off on Friday - with all 3 kiddos - and spent it drowning in laundry. Everything lauderable (?) was laundered. And after a week of fighting off some bizarre illness that never quite settled in, it took everything out of me that was left in me.

Came across this addition to my desk during my cleaning. Had to take a pic.

But that didn't stop me from mustering up the energy to spruce up for a long-awaited date night.

Only to have Sadie puke down the front of me moments before we were suppose to leave and cancel our sitters. I pouted and went to bed early.

Saturday morning soccer got me up and about.

And Saturday afternoon baking and a Hoosier Homecoming with friends turned my weekend around.

Sunday was warm. Like, real warm. And I had "fall" sessions back to back to back to back. Nothing like having clients show up in their Christmas gear in 85 degree weather!

This one and her refusal to go to bed. She's figured a way out to get mommy and daddy all to herself for some post-bedtime bonding.  Guess since she's SO SWEET when she's refusing to go to bed, I can forgive her for the puke fake-out.