Monday, November 28, 2016

my [thanksgiving] weekend in photos.

Love me some Thanksgiving break.

We took away naptime from Sadie, who is our bedtime protester. And to spice it up, we also took away one side of her crib to convert her to a toddler bed.  It started a little rocky, but every night ended with Sadie asleep earlier and earlier.

(Wish us luck when school lets her nap this week...)

We pulled out the rest of our Christmas decorations (since the tree came out earlier than normal this past weekend) on Thanksgiving morning and got the house looking perfectly spirited and ready for the Christmas season.

We joined Colby's family this year for Thanksgiving in KC where the kids got to spend the day with all of their cousins. But first, I trotted with this turkey.

I spent a couple of hours at the office, went to Old Navy to make a return (dumb.), and then spent the rest of the day at home with the fam - we baked cookies, and Colby grilled us a feast - a last hoorah before the cold cold arrives. Owen practiced his photography: 

An Owen shot that I loved from our weekend:

These two...

While Colby went to hang with a friend, I enjoyed a QUIET and Christmasy living room all to myself. Enjoyed my Christmas lights and some netflix while I perused some online Black Friday sales.

We went for a wintery walk as a family, before we lost Colby to swim practice. 

I mistakenly thought Target was a good idea with 3 kids the weekend after Thanksgiving. We barely made it out alive.

Based on principle, I almost had to buy this. But y'know, I had 3 of the 5 in the store with me, so no room in the cart. 

After dinner, I headed to by bestie's house from some side-by-side online shopping and wine. Perfect therapy for missing my momma.

But spent some extra hours late that night borrowed from my bedtime to gaze at my Christmas tree lights. 

We finally made it back to church after a hiatus, and it felt so good. We went out for lunch together (y'know, cause we aren't doing naps and are SO FLEXIBLE.) and were able to finish our meals and pay before we lost control (which tends to happen after too much time spent in a restaurant).

Had the best weekend with my fam. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

life::an outtake.

I support my friends who are sad today.
I support my friends who celebrate today.

I support the PEOPLE I share this country with. The people whose convictions are so deep that they can't help but FEEL today. Because in a presidential election campaign that most days felt like a practical joke, we've been gifted a great freedom to have a voice and a vote. To view the world through lenses colored by our own life experiences, and act upon it. While both candidates left much to be desired in a leader on many accounts, I believe in the good in PEOPLE. That votes were not placed as a means to justify a candidate's poor choices or poor character, but instead were for a party or platform that most aligned with what their personal beliefs through THEIR lenses deemed best policy for our country. For our people.

Take care of each other today. Show kindness. Extend grace. Have respect. And above all, BE LOVE. Because that's my deepest conviction today and yesterday and tomorrow.. to be a light and example of LOVE to our children - the future of America.

Monday, November 7, 2016

my weekend in photos.

So I realized I was a little food-obsessed with my weekend photos once I browsed through to upload my weekend. You've been warned. 

Since this fall has been so summery, I volunteered Colby to make my fav meal on the grill.

And then invited our neighbors over to enjoy it with us. Seriously loving this neighbor thing. 

A girl brunch at Urban Table could never disappoint.

While Colby went to the Chiefs game for the entirety of Sunday, I had adventures with these guys. Baking which quickly became a circus was among said adventures. 

Chocolate chip rolls, get in our belllllllliiieesss!


Target (+Starbucks) was our outting for the day. 

Fall walks turned into a mommy-mobile when all 3 wanted to ride in the wagon. Weekend workout. 

Can't help but love this warm weather with the fall views! 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

life::an outtake.

While Daddy spent the day at Arrowhead, I enlisted these 3 darling children to help mama BAKE! (they got to choose their aprons😍😂) It all started out so nicely.. until it didn't and I shoved them all outside and locked the door behind them. Literally. #sugarexplosions #rainingchocolatechips #toddlersoncountertops #flourfootprints #mayhem