Sunday, January 15, 2017

my weekend in photos.

There were big talks of an impending "ice storm" to hit Kansas City - causing allllllllltheschools to cancel Thursday night for the following Friday. As it turned out, not a single drop or speck of anything ever fell from the sky until Saturday morning. There sure was a lot of negative buzz about that decision. 

As for me, I "braved the weather" with my bestie for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Businesses were closing early, and a lot of weekend activities cancelled - including basketball for Owen, swim practices for Colby, and even a delayed NFL playoff game in KC.

So Saturday morning Colby & I cleaned to prep for a houseful of small guests, while the kids played nicely together.

But staying home gets old quickly for my small people, so we ran errands as a family - just to get the kids out of the house, with the Target Starbucks being our final destination.

We had 12 kiddos, 6 and under in our home Saturday night. It was a wonderful version of crazy town. Lucky to know and love their mamas and daddies.

Sadie has a natural maternal instinct in her. She loves babies.

Sunday morning threatened some precipitation, so we decided to stay home and get pumped for the Chiefs game.

Even I got in the spirit this year. (to no avail.) It's my 10th year living in KC, so it's about time I cheer on this side of the football fence, too.

But the decision to stay home from church was regretted by 11AM, so we had to get out of the house again. We did some furniture shopping, made returns, and had lunch together - and somehow we even wore this one out! (Who never car sleeps.)

These things call out to me after awhile.

It's another day off for the rest of my family tomorrow for the MLK holiday, but back to work for me!

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