Monday, January 30, 2017

my weekend in photos.

During a busy time of year for our family, I sure do look forward to weekends for some extra time with them to regroup after a long work week.

A no student day allowed for the two of us to sneak away for a rare lunch date at a new spot.

We loved it and plan to go back soon!

 Macy watches tv, too, when a canine is on.

We were fortunate to have Daddy around for the morning and capitalized on that time with a trip out for breakfast, then to cash in on Owen's Christmas gift at iFly.

I think Colby & I, as spectators, enjoyed it as much as Owen did. (And Brooks and Sadie, too, thanks to cheez-its from a vending machine, and a little boy who liked to share his candy with his new friends.)

The toddlers and I stayed home after a long morning out while Owen and Colby ran off for his game.

Then, much to my liking, they arrived home after a pit stop to the grocery with fixin's for dinner and dessert.

Sundays are kind of like a broken record with our standard church, Costco run, family time at home, and back out for small group. But it's a routine I love.

We had a good weekend together - ready to take on another work week and dive into February!

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