Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I can count on one hand [or maybe even 1 finger] the number of ME outings I've had since the beginning of swim season last November. Weeknight grind on repeat week after week - with Colby and I crashing on the couch on cold winter evenings after our long days at work, our evening after-school routine, and getting the kids bathed and into bed to sit with one of our favorite shows on the tube. By the week's end, I craved our family weekends together, and felt we did a good job about being intentional to be together on weekends this winter. But after leaving my weekly women's small group night about a year ago, I've found this winter's swim season to feel a little longer than seasons past. (Likely because I have more kids than I have in most swim seasons prior.) And I was missing me girl time something fierce.

So when I got a "I think we should rent Bad Moms and drink wine soon" text from my bestie at the beginning of the week, it was on our calendar for 3 days later. And the anticipation was almost too much. But since everyone was all stomach-flu-stricken in my desperate corner, all I could keep thinking was, "PLEASE, GOD, MAKE IT GONE BY THURSDAY. Mama needs a break."

Praise the Lord that when Thursday came most of my crew was on the mend - or at least able to function without backup parenting. God heard my SOS for a girls night plea, and it was perfectly timed before a 48-hour final hoorah parenting solo while swim season finished off with the state meet weekend in Topeka.

Since February has brought the midwest some unseasonably warm and amazing and sunny spring weather, girls night started with our running shoes. Then, we lucked into her vacationing parents' new house located exactly halfway between our houses as our final destination for a night IN. You guys. We could hear the electricity humming. Ain't NOBODY in my personal space. Didn't even have to breathe the same air as my dogs. Or hear my dryer or dishwasher buzz trying to guilt me into getting up to put a load away. Or a dog's collar clanging as they scratched incessantly, or the clanking of our kitchen blinds from their nudging to be let outside. Or wondering what time Sadie will start crying to interrupt (or permanently end) my evening couch time.


We rented Bad Moms, made pomegranate cosmopolitans, then talked long into the night.. er, morning? Because you can cover a lot of ground when you're sitting on neighboring couches in the same room without distractions. 1AM was my cutoff. Only because my sentences were losing coherency. We didn't solve the world's problems, but we sure tried.

I sure was sleepy-faced for work the next morning. But that night was so good for my soul.

GIRLFRIENDS. God love 'em. And this one, especially.

(Seems the only pictures I have with just the two of us are sweaty post-run selfies. Project get some decent pics with my bestie is now underway.)

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