Monday, February 20, 2017

my weekend in photos.

After my latest bedtime in longer than I can remember, I was up before 6AM and had me and the kids out the door by 6:25 AM for my next couple of days as single mom. Thankfully, only 1 of us had to be dressed (myself), and none of us had to be fed. Nana & Papa were on duty while I was at work, and I got to experience the weekly tradition of Friday morning french toast.

After I picked up the kids, I couldn't resist an excuse to be outside to enjoy the weather. We (and a lot of other mommas) drove-thru Chik-fil-A for a dinner to go then stopped at a park for a picnic and play. It was fun to be spontaneous, but not as fun to convince them it was time to get in the car.

We had a fireplace project we started this weekend, so Alan instantly became Owen's new BFF when he let him use the drill gun. I'll share before and after pictures soon!

I was in bed before 9 after a chaotic rush to bed, and then up and out the door by 7:30 the next morning. We spent the day in Topeka cheering on the Lancers to a 3rd consecutive state championship.

Then we headed straight to Owen's last game of the season. He scored 12 points in his final game, and hustled hard against one of the more aggressive teams he's played this season. Proud of my little baller!

Feels nice to end both seasons on the same day in time to enjoy the rest of this weekend's amazing summer-like weather.

Since Monday was a holiday, for the rest of my family, I took a half day from work and wrangled everyone in for some outdoor fun outside of our normal routine. Since the WHOLE weekend was nice, everyone must have hit up the zoo on Saturday and Sunday because we had the place to ourselves!

Little sister refused to ride in the double stroller, which has me a little nervous with our Disney trip coming up. But either way, this Daddy of hers didn't mind the extra weight. <3 br="">

Sadie was especially fond of the orangutans (likely since she loves her some Curious George), Brooks was entranced by the penguins, and Owen loved watching the polar bear swim. We had a great day together at the zoo!

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