Monday, February 13, 2017

my weekend in photos.

My dad arrived Thursday eve for a visit. What has easily become one of my favorite traditions occurred again this trip for a Friday lunch at Unforked over my lunch hour - just he and I.
Owen got sick Thursday night, Sadie Friday morning, Colby Sunday afternoon, and Brooks Sunday night. The two younger boys seemed to have been a one and done sort of sickness, while Daddy and Sadie still are struggling. Miraculously, I ended my weekend feeling healthy.

So there was a lot of bathtime.
And even more napping.
Meanwhile, Owen was off to another birthday party.
We were fed up with it, and got outside for some sunshine anyway.
We were treated to most of our meals out - some Spin & Jose Peppers - both as chosen by Owen. Our Spin was cut short with a table puking incident, and Jose Peppers we left Colby & Sadie at home.
My dad likes to come during Owen's sporting seasons to catch a game - so we did just that.
After breakfast on Sunday, my dad headed out. We loved having him in town for a short time, and always look forward to his next visit!
Now we're ready to get everyone HEALTHY for the final week of swim & basketball season.

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