Monday, February 27, 2017

my weekend in photos.

We had another date night swap to look forward to on Friday night, and were on deck for a turn to go out. We met with our good friends for a casual dinner at Beer Kitchen. Ironically, Colby and I hardly spoke to each other on our "date," but we both loved catching up with our friends across the table.

We were home at a decent hour to ensure a good night's sleep to prep for a 2 year old birthday party! We cleaned and baked and got a lineup of sweets in place for our family and a couple of close friends to come celebrate with us.

Sadie warmed up to her party after a slow start and was pleased as pie to have a plate full of sweets with no limitations. The theme was Curious George, because the girl can't get enough of that monkey. Thanks, Netflix, for being our knight in shining armor any time we need ya! 

"Show me how old you are!" ;-)

Post-party sugar crash.

Colby left for 24 hour getaway to the lake with a buddy for a round of golf. I'm always quite impressed with myself come 8 o'clock when I'm sitting in silence after the marathon of getting 3 kids bathed and to bed on my own. 

Sunday morning, however, I was less impressed with myself after an all but graceful morning of getting us out the door for church alone. It was a rocky morning for my oldest, but an apology note passed to me in church made it all better.

We had lunch with friends, then headed home to wait on Daddy.

Bedtime with the boys: Owen reading to Brooks the page that says "Boo Boo Butt"... over and over and over again. And Brooks laughing like it was the first time he's heard it every single time. 

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