Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Scratch Art Valentines.

I'm back with another kids' valentine reveal!

This year I was all about just getting these finished with as little effort as possible. We had my dad in town last weekend, and then everyone but me with some form of the stomach flu the week leading up to V-day,  so I didn't even bother with having the kids help with their valentines this year.

I whipped together another pinterest-inspired non-candy valentine for all 3 of the kids' classes. I made some slight modification to the free printables (linked below) that I found to make it more ink-friendly on the ol' printer, and added in the kids' names to save time with signing names later.

Scratch Art squares (125 sheets for $7.99) (or you can get heart-shaped sheets - i just decided for 3 kids it was more economical to buy the squares + bulk styluses!)
Wooden stylus (100 count for $5.62)
Label Printables (free!)
5x7 Plastic bags (100 for $5.95)

I had enough supplies to make 100 for $20 - or .20/valentine. Thankfully, I only had to put together 50 the night before Valentine's Day, but I plan to assemble more (with a different label) for goodie bags for Sadie's birthday party!

See my past candy-free valentine creations:
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