Monday, March 6, 2017

my weekend in photos.

We had an impromptu dinner with our neighbors for a Friday evening of fun.
Then had my first long[er than 2 mi] run in too long, 'cause I was definitely on a run high all morning after 6 on the trails with Bambi and 3 of his friends and my bestie.
Colby and Owen went out for some golf with his brother and niece, so I introduced the toddlers to the movie Frozen while I tackled Mount Laundry overflowing from all the closets.
We picked the boys up from the golf course, grabbed a late lunch and headed to the park for a longer while than normal. The between secondary work seasons for Colby and between sports seasons for Owen made me aptly aware of the extra time to linger.
We grilled burgers to play off of the beautiful weather, and aired The Little Mermaid for a first time for everyone. Then the newest Jungle Book for an after-dark viewing on the porch, another first. (We're not a movie family, but really trying to get in the Disney Spirit over here!)
Colby deserted me with some of his high school friends for a poker night, leaving my absolutely content on my couch after the kids were in bed doing some spring break shopping from my computer.

Sunday routine still on repeat, with a guest appearance from Nana while Papa was out of town for lunch.

Our church is finishing their new sanctuary by the end of the month. We got a preview of the finished stained glass window after service!
We had a really great weekend over here. We're on the countdown to Spring Break now!

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